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Home Brew Supplies

We\'ll be opening a full on-line shop during 2015, but in the meantime we can offer home-brewers a local source of ingredients and brewing equipment at attractive prices.

All these supplies are offered "loose", so you\'ll need to pring you own bags and boxes, but this helps to keep the price down.

Please contact us before turning up at the brewery door, both to confirm prices and also to check that we have stock available. As a guide, these are the average prices, although there can be slight fluctuations, especially to the cost of hops.

Brown beer bottles, 500ml (roughly a pint), including crown cap in a range of colours : 55p
Ditto but 330ml : 45p

Malt Grain, crushed, Maris Otter : £1.80 per Kg
Ditto Crystal Malt : £2.00 per Kg
Ditto Lager Malt : £1:80 per Kg
Ditto Patent Black Malt : £2.00 per Kg
Ditto Chocolate Malt : £2.00 per Kg
Roasted Barley : £2.00 per Kg
Flaked Maize : £2.00 per Kg
Light Malt Extract, liquid (very sticky!) : £6.00 per Kg

Hops - loose, whole flowers- Goldings : £2.00 per 100g
Ditto - Hallertauer Lager : £2.00 per 100g

We can also provide other varieties of malts and hops to order - please ask.

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