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STOP PRESS - Denbigh Last Minute Market

Following last year's successful event, the brewery will be organizing and hosting this year's Last Minute Market in Denbigh Town Hall on Saturday 17th December - the last Saturday before Christmas. The market runs from 10am to 4pm and provides a chance to pick up both gifts and festive supplies - don't miss out!

The Brewery is in the heart of the picturesque market town of Denbigh, one of the most historic locations in North Wales, nestled in the beautiful Vale of Clwyd.

Denbigh has a history of brewing stretching back to the days before it was possible to transport a product that's 95% water all the way from drought-struck parts into our notoriously damp area!

Brewing beer locally makes so much sense - fewer lorries on the road - the ability to match local tastes - generate jobs locally - it's just so obviously better than industrial chemical plants churning out run-of-the-mill beer at prices determined by marketing men and accountants

Denbigh Brewery was established in early 2012 following a non-too-serious discussion in the Vaults one evening. But from little acorns...... and now our regular beers are well-established in the Hope and Anchor and other local pubs, and it has been an eye-opener to get first-hand and immediate feed-back from drinkers. Our recipes have been tailored to suit local tastes, and even some of our less successful experiments have been well-received, and drunk with pleasure

One of the more damaging recent developments as far as Good Beer is concerned, is the availability of cheap cans from supermarkets for home drinking. We are trying, in our own small way, to counter this by offering modest quantities of real ale, delivered to you door locally, and at prices that compare favourably with supermarkets. And if you'd like something special - and that could be a particularly strong brew, or perhaps a fruit-flavoured light beer - we'd be interested in trying to meet your requirements with our capability of running small brews.
Latest News
(01/11/15) - Christmas is Coming! - Following a wonderfully successful Denbigh Plum Feast and another of our annual Plum Ale brews, we are gearing up for the Festive Season and our Christmas Beer (Cwrw 'Dolig) is maturing and will be ready to drink in a week or so.

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